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Title: Gore blessed to the worms
Ref.: XM 041 Cd
Release date: 01.10.2006
Barcode: 0842006073790
Track list:
01. Intro (Deadflesh everywhere)
02. I watch myself rot
03. Next mortuary division
04. Gore blessed to the worms!
05. Cadaveres
06. Chronic corpora infest
07. Pest.Blood.Metal
08. Beneath the lugubre.....
09. Deepest blood (Devour)
10. Necro.March
Description: 4th album of this fucking sonic bulldozer from Mexico!! You won't miss Antimo on this album at all!! As brutal, heavy and holocaustic as always but with a more old school Death Metal touch a la DEMILICH, CREMATORY (Swe), CARCASS... if you thought that "Necrholocaust" was impossible to top, just listen to this!! Brain crushing!!
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