THE ORANGE MAN THEORY will tour Europe with JUCIFER (USA) in may 2011. The whole tour was put together by Garbage Dump Agency.
Here's the dates as follow:
-27.04.2011 - Italy @Mono Spazio Bar, Pescara w/ JUCIFER
-28.04.2011 - Italy @Sinisternoise Club, Roma w/ JUCIFER, CAMION
-29.04.2011 - Italy @Pieffe Factory, Gorizia w/ JUCIFER, YOUTH OF TODAY
-01.05.2011 - Poland @Asymmetry Festival, Wroclaw w/ JUCIFER, GODFLASH, ELECTRIC WIZARD and more...
-02.05.2011 - Poland @Mechanic, Gdansk w/ JUCIFER
-03.05.2011 - Poland @Pod Minoga, Poznan w/ JUCIFER
-04.05.2011 - Germany @Super Kronic, Leipzig w/ JUCIFER
-05.05.2011 - Slovenia @ TBC w/ JUCIFER
-06.05.2011 - Slovenia @ TBC w/ JUCIFER
-08.05.2011 - Germany @Eiche/Die Rockkneipe, Crailsheim w/ JUCIFER
-09.05.2011 - Switzerland @Le Kab, Geneve w/ JUCIFER
-10.05.2011 - France @Le Passagers Du Zink, Besancon w/ JUCIFER
-12.05.2011 - Netherlands @The Hague, Den Haag w/ JUCIFER
-13.05.2011 - Netherlands @Little Devil, Tilburg w/ JUCIFER
-14.05.2011 - Belgium @Rider's Park, Messancy w/ JUCIFER
-15.05.2011 - Belgium @M4, Bruxelles w/ JUCIFER
-16.05.2011 - France @Le Caveau Des Oubliettes, Paris w/ JUCIFER
-18.05.2011 - Spain @Mungiako Gaztegunea, Mungia (Bilbao) w/ JUCIFER
-19.05.2011 - Portugal @Porto Rio, Porto w/ JUCIFER
-20.05.2011 - Spain @Sala Mardigras, La Coruna w/ JUCIFER
-21.05.2011 - Spain @Sala 13/14, Getafe (Madrid) w/ JUCIFER
-22.05.2011 - Spain @Moog, Barcelona w/ JUCIFER
-23.05.2011 - France @The Secret Place, St Jean De Vedas (Montpellier) w/ JUCIFER
-24.05.2011 - Italy @United Club, Torino w/ JUCIFER
-25.05.2011 - Croazia @Mochvara, Zagreb w/ JUCIFER
-26.05.2011 - Croazia @Stereo Dvorana, Rijeka w/ JUCIFER
-28.05.2011 - Austria @Graf Hugo, Feldkirch w/ JUCIFER
-29.05.2011 - Italy @XM 24, Bologna w/ JUCIFER
Plans for the year 2011
In the last 8 months we took a break from live shows for concetrating on our new album and focusing on our spin-off projects' activity like BUFFALO GRILLZ (Cinghio's grindcore dream), TRIBRACO (Tommi's prog-rock band) THE BLUES AGAINST YOUTH (Gianni's one man band) and MANTRA (Gabbo's Thrash Metal band from Costa Rica).
Hopefully we'll be able to record the album in fall and release it in 2012. The new material is the sickest ever composed with this line up. We're actually exploring new territories and looking forward to play some of the new songs on tour with Jucifer.
So long
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