The Pain Fucktory: FINAL DAWN...

I'm stoked to announce the signing of an awesome new Finnish Death Black Metal band joining our roster, today we welcome FINAL DAWN to the growing The Pain Fucktory family!
FINAL DAWN (Finland) is a post apocalyptic battle group operating in Helsinki, Finland. Style of mayhem they're creating is somewhere between thrash, death and musical elements of black metal. With this trio they have so far released 3 promo Cd and you can find all the songs and videos from their website. Enjoy before it's too late.
2001 - Suicide of your world (5 song Demo)
2001 - Aggression overdrive (2 song Demo)
2004 - Under the bleeding sky (Full length album/Aeon Media Records)
2008 - And they die (2 song Demo)
2009 - Martrys of vanity (3 song Demo)
2010 - Soulless can't repent (5 song Demo)
"Soulless can´t repent" Cd 2010
Format: Cd
Release date: 2010
File under: Death Dark Metal
Label: Self Released
Guitar/Vocals - Vesa Mattila
Bass - Topi Anttila
Drums - Leona

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