RATZINGER "2012": Newe album available now!!!...

RATZINGER is one of the South American Metal bands that are projected with force in the international market. Their sound recalls bands like CALAVERA CONSPIRACY, MACHINE HEAD, PANTERA, SLAYER and SOULFLY. But with a very powerfull personality. In 2008 the band toured in Europe in a tour called: State Enemy Europe Tour. The band played in cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Katowice, Wroclaw and other cities in Europe. RATZINGER has 2 albums released; the first is called "Stete enemy" a concept album that talks about the attack on 9 / 11. And the second album called "2012", which talks about the new times of the human race, Annunaki ancestors and the new shift in consciousness. (Based on the final count of the Mayan calendar). In addition RATZINGER has played with bands like SKID ROW, ROB HALFORD, KORPLIKAANI and Others. In summary RATZINGER is Metal direct to the brain, created especially for headbanging, drinking beer and investigate conspiracies and doomsday ideas. His latest album features collaborations with the most outstanding musicians of Chile.
Special guests “2012” Cd: Gabriel Hidalgo (SIX MAGICS), Pancho Rojas (DAMA JUANA), Tito Melin (DEMONIOS), Gonzalo Sanhueza & Sebastián Fuentes (Ibanez Army), Omar Aranda (KANATRAN), Benjamín Lechuga (DELTA), Claudio Cordero (MATRAZ), Javier Menares (SADISM), Cristóbal Arriagada (KALAFATE - Alejandro Silva Power Cuarteto).
What finally be summarized as: 10 songs in 63 minutes of intense Metal, Rock, Groove & Thrash Metal (includes a ballad + piano version). The Cd also features 5 Bonus Tracks, Remixes and luxury guests who participated in this record.
Fabian Hachim (Drums)
Felipe Majluf (Guitar)
Ivan Vega (Guitar and Vocals)
Francisco Chacana (Bass).
Lables and distribution, stores:
Australis Records: sales@australisrecords.com
Hamburg, Germany
Remedy Records (Holstenplatz 18, 22765) Hamburg, De
Kapanen (Davidstrasse 5, S-Bahn Reeperbahn) Hamburg, De
Ulm, Germany
X-Trax (Herdbruckerstraße 989073) Ulm, De
(*) Per Confirm
The mayas predicted it thousands of years ago, Nostradamus and various cultures already knew some call it: Tte time of no time, the bible simply calls it: Armageddon
More info & Contact: http://www.ratzinger.cl/

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