TORTURE SQUAD: Death/Thrash (Brasil)...

The band TORTURE SQUAD began their activities in Sao Paulo/Brazil in the early 90’s and they are right now without any doubt one of the biggest metal bands in Brazil. They already shared the stage with acts like ANTHRAX, KREATOR, EXODUS, OVERKILL, DIMMU BORGIR, MONSTROSITY, SEPULTURA and KRISIUN to name just a few. They are also playing the biggest festivals in their home country like the Extreme Metal Fest or the Brazil Metal Union and they conquered whole South America (inlcuding Columbia, Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela) by touring constantly. Beside foremost places in the polls of famous Brazilian magazines such as Roadie Crew or Rock Brigade TORTURE SQUAD appeared several times on Mtv and are also a well known act in every Metal radio show in South America. In 2006 it was time to conquer the European market so they came over to play about 20 shows in Germany and Austria. These concerts get them a lot of attention from several labels and bookers in Europe. In 2007 the band came again to Germany to play at the Metal Battle in Wacken. With a phenomenal show they convinced the audience and the jury of the Metal Battle competition and won. As a result of this success TORTURE SQUAD decided to sign a contract with Armageddon Music and the first result of this cooperation is called “Hellbound”. This album will for sure be the final break-through for the band in Europe and it will manifest their status in South America. Ten high quality Death/Thrash songs are blowing the listener away and especially the incredible drums are setting a new standard in this genre. Their sound is rough and brutal but there are always some parts in the songs that you will never forget and that you like to hear again and again. Take “Chaos Corporation” for example: A thrashing hit without compromises!. The release of “Hellbound” went along with a European tour including more than 70 gigs all over the continent. TORTURE SQUAD played also the Metal Battle shows as a special guest and of course they returned to the Wacken Open Air 2008 to say thank you to each and everyone who made all this possible. From september 2008 ‘til january 2009 the band continued touring Brazil. The four piece returned to Europe in february 2009 to play as special guest for OVERKILL and EXODUS on 16 shows followed by a headliner tour through Europe with more than 30 dates. After touring South America the band entered the Norcal Studios in Sao Paulo with producer Brendan Duffey (who already worked with ANTHRAX, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEATH ANGEL, DREAM THEATER, MORBID ANGEL, TESTAMENT and SLAYER - just to name a few) to record the next milestone "Aequilibrium" which was released in august/september 2010. Critics all over the world named it as their best album ever. TORTURE SQUAD are touring right now South America and they're gonna returrn to Europe in 2011… so watch out: The Torture Never Stops!!!

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