TORTURE SQUAD: European Tour 2011...

September, october 2011
We are looking for clubs rental, promoters and booking agents in: Germany, Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Itely, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic.
-Fee: Send us an offer, percentage after break even.
-Catering and accommodations (5 people)
-Secure dressing room
-Secure parking for the van
-Full backline provided by us
-Free poster (Color, size A3)
-September 01st, Thursday - Hamburg, Germany - Bambi Galore
-September 02nd, Friday - Utrecht, Netherlands - DBs Utrecht
-September 03rd, Saturday - Oostend, Belgium - Velorock
-September 04th, Sunday
-September 05th, Monday
-September 06th, Tuesday
-September 07th, Wednesday
-September 08th, Thursday - Kiel, Germany - Raucherei
-September 09th, Friday - Roermond, Netherlands - Azijinfabrik
-September 10th, Saturday - Windschoten, NL - Sodom Metal Night
-September 11th, Sunday - Amsterdam, Netherlands - The Cave
-September 12th, Monday
-September 13th, Tuesday - Munich, Germany - Backstage
-September 14th, Wednesday - Frankfurt, Germany - Nachtleben
-September 15th, Thursday - Kerkrade, Netherlands - T-Rock Temple
-September 16th, Friday - Alte Post - Emden/Germany
-September 17th, Saturday - Kassel, Germany - venue TBA
-September 18th, Sunday
-September 19th, Monday
-September 20th, Tuesday - Warszawa, Poland - Progresja Klub
-September 21th, Wednesday - Bydgoszcz, Poland - Estrada stagebar
-September 22th, Thursday
-September 23th, Friday - Slawonice, Czech Republic - Kawarna Club
-September 24th, Saturday - Budejovice, Czech Republic - Mighty Bar
-September 25th, Sunday
-September 26th, Monday
-September 27th, Tuesday
-September 28th, Wednesday
-September 29th, Thursday - Paris, France - Le Klub
-September 30th, Friday - Bilbao, Spain - venue TBA
-October 01st, Saturday - Barcelona, Spain - venue TBA
-October 02nd, Sunday - León, Spain - Sala La Vaca
-October 03rd, Monday
-October 04th, Tuesday - Motpellier, France - Secret Place
-October 05th, Wednesday - Marseille, France - Le Local
-October 06th, Thursday
-October 07th, Friday - Padova, Italy - Tacu Tacu
-October 08th, Saturday - Gorizia, Italy - Pieffe Factory
-October 09th, Sunday - Pescara, Italy - Orange Rock Cafe
-October 10th, Monday
-October 11th, Tuesday
-October 12th, Wednesday
-October 13th, Thursday - Ljubljana, Slovenia - venue
-October 14th, Friday - Ormoz, Slovenia - venue TBA
-October 15th, Saturday - Kosice, Slovakia - Collosseum
-October 16th, Sunday - TBA, Slovakia - venue TBA
-October 17th, Monday
-October 18th, Tuesday - TBA, Romania - venue TBA
-October 19th, Wednesday - TBA, Romania - venue TBA
-October 20th, Thursday - TBA, Romania - venue TBA
-October 21th, Friday
-October 22th, Saturday - Rijeka, Croatia - Club Palach
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