HELLARISE: Melodic Death / Thrash Metal desde Brasil...

Género: Melodic Death/Thrash Metal
Flávia Morniëtári (Vocals)
Renata Petrelli (Guitars)
Mirella Max (Drums)
Patrícia Schlithler (Bass)
Aline Fernandes (Guitars)
Ciudad de origen: São Paulo
Sello discográfico: Looking for a label.
Descripción: HELLARISE is a Brazilian all-female band, created in 2009 in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Trying to add to their songs a little bit of the members' influences (Especially Heavy, Thrash and Death Metal), the band comes up with an aggressive way of playing and composing. In the beginning, with the first formation (Flávia Morniëtári - vocals, Renata Petrelli & Laís Salomão - guitars, Mirella Max - drums and Fernanda Lira - bass), the girls started playing covers without a precise musical direction. A few months later, after some rehearsals and tests, they decided to follow a heavier path. During the second semester of 2009, HELLARISE girls played some gigs, the first one with an own composition already, named "My outrage". After 4 gigs, they decided to focus on new songs to a coming demo recording. Their Demo cd was recorded during april and may of 2010, with their friend, musician and band producer Eduardo Murai, and was released in the beginning of july, with Marilia Brito on the new line-up already, in place of Laís... Next year, in february, Fernanda left the band because of divergences in musical and artistic directions; Patrícia Schlithler was called up to assume the position of bassist in the band. And in july, Marília left the band too, but for personal reasons. After some searching, Aline Fernandes is the new guitar-girl. Now, the HellArisers are in pre-production for their debut album and playing some gigs -even playing some new songs at them- and promoting their Demo, released in 2010.
Intereses de la banda: We're looking for supporters 'cos we're going to start recording our first full-lenght cd.
Contacto de prensa: http://www.metalmedia.com.br/
Agente de ventas: contact@hellarise.com

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