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FUGHU’s "Absence" - Reviews:
-Jedbangers Magazine (Argentina):
To the usual virtuosity in Progressive Metal bands, Fughu incorporates indigenous influences and a dramatism almost theatrical. the band never forgets that the virtuosity must be functional to the song.
-Progression Magazine (USA):
It's no mistake that Fughu was tapped for the South American leg of Dream Theater's 2009 Progressive Nation tour. Incredibly nimble technical chops, gymnastic meter changes, slamming rhythms and a wall-of-sound symphonic orchestrations. The shifts in dynamics are stimulating, often fascinating. Fughu beguiles and surprises at every turn.
-Lords of Metal Website (Netherlands):
What a band we have here! Fughu hereby brings us a musical realm of its own. Their music can be described as very vivid and mostly very brooding. Listen to this band and find out if you want to ride with this enthusiastic Argentinean band.
-Progarchives Website (USA):
Fughu manage to create songs that are somewhat unpredictable at times though, and add in both subtle unexpected twists in the shape of quirky instrumental flurries, jazz-tinged details, mellow sequences and a generally more refined approach to this genre than many others do.
-Sea of Tranquility Website (USA):
This is powerful, complex music that rewards with repeat spins.
-Record Heaven Website (Sweden):
A highly recommended album. Not to be missed. Pieces of work of these features won't appear every day.
-Metal Underground Website (USA):
Fun and full of life, “Absence” is a fulfilling album you will keep coming back to time and again.
-Maly Leksykon Wielkick Zexplolw Website (Poland):
I will say briefly: Wow! (with capital W!). Not without reason was the support band Dream Theater on their previous tour. I invite you to contact the disc. You will not regret.
-Puls Website (Norway):
"Absence" is a great board, a great achievement for a new and very promising progressive group within the current progressive scene. That the band is from Argentina makes this only more exotic and exciting!
-Rock State Journal (Spain):
Absence is a masterpiece publised on their own by this trained Buenos Aires guys, with a result worthy of the experience of a group with a few records behind, and it sounds much like the Americans.
Official website: http://www.fughuweb.com.ar/

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