NOCTEM announce Oblivion's awards...

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NOCTEM announce Oblivion's awards
Spanish Black Death Metal sensation NOCTEM announced "Oblivion", their latest album's awards and press reactions.
We're proud to announce that, apart from all the outstanding reviews that our new album "Oblivion" has received, it was catalogued as:
-3rd Best Metal Underground Album/International (The in 2011
-One of the best albums of 2011 for Sonic Abuse
The follow up to ‘Divinity’, Spain’s answer to BEHEMOTH just keep getting better and this is the point where their remarkable music reached its peak. Intelligent, staggeringly brutal and beautifully presented this proved to be one of the year’s finest blackened death metal releases - or, as we said at the time: “Not just a great black/death metal album but a great metal album period - ‘Oblivion’ is Noctem’s highest point to date.”
-A fantastic production ... what a level!!!
-Tracks like Invictus, Universal Disorder or Unredemption should be, from now, authentic hymns for the lovers of the most extreme music
-I can confidently say that Oblivion is one of the best extreme metal albums of recent times. All you fake gods, fear the name
-Without a doubt this is one of the best releases of 2011 so far. In all Noctem "Oblivion" is one of the best albums I heard in some time, their skills and talent brought them to an absolute new level, a level that took ages for other bands to reach
-The compositions on this album are so well-thought and calculated that it gives you the impression they spent an eternity in the studio.
Oblivion's ratings from specialized media:
Necromance - 10/10
Kronos Mortus - 10/10
The Whiplasher - 10/10 - 7/7
Max Metal - 9'5/10
Nekronos - 9'5/10
Rock Total - 9'5/10
Pest Webzine - 9'5/10
Subexistance - 9/10
Metal Total - 9/10
Empire Magazine - 9/10
The Drink Tim - 9/10
Noizz Webzine - 9/10
Metal 4 all - 9/10 - 9/10
El Trueno Metalico - 9/10
Sonic Abuse - 9/10
FakYea - 5/5
Atmospheric Magazine - 5.5/6
Metal France - 4/5
Wheeling rampage - 9/10
June 13th 2011 was the worldwide's official release of Noctem's new album OBLIVION through Rising Records and on the October 25th 2011 Metal Blade released it for the North American territory.
OBLIVION has been produced by Daniel Cardoso and recorded in the Ultrasound Studios II from Setubal (Portugal) and can be ordered on the following websites:
Find NOCTEM at:
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