Ukem Records announce the signing of CRYOSTORM...

Ukem Records announce the signing of CRYOSTORM
Ukem Records are proud to announce that they have signed melodic death metal heavyweights CRYOSTORM. The band have built themselves a solid fan base and gained an excellent reputation for amazing live sets. For fans of DIMENSION ZERO, SCAR SYMMETRY and AT THE GATES, Ukem Records will re-release "Destroyer or ardor” with bonus material all packaged as a limited edition digi-pack. Technically proficient, well executed melodic death metal, CRYOSTORM are unique to the UK extreme metal scene!
A teaser track can be heard here:
Ukem Records now have LACERATION, SACRILEGIOUS THRONE and CRYOSTORM on their roster. These releases alsong with two compilations will take the label well into 2013!
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CRYOSTORM (Melodic Death Metal from England)
LACERATION (Brutal Death Metal from Scotland)
LOUDRAGE (Groovy Death Metal from Romania)
NOCTEM (Black Death Metal from Spain)
SACRILEGIOUS THRONE (Blackened Death Metal from England)
SOLUS (Black Metal from Hungary)
THE OBSCENE (Old-School Death Metal from England)
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