Press Release: NOCTEM announce upcoming European dates; UNDEAD PANDEMIC reveal title for upcoming album...

NOCTEM announce upcoming European dates
Spanish Black Death Metal demons NOCTEM announce upcoming European dates in support of their 2011 critically acclaimed full-length "Oblivion":
16 February-2012, Estraperlo / Barcelona (SP)
17 February-2012, Pa'Berse Matao / Valencia (SP)
18 February-2012, Ultimatum / Zaragoza (SP)
19 FEBRUARY-2012, Haemorrague  / Castellon (SP)
14 April-2012, Huggins Awakening Fest / Ostend (BE)
15 June-2012, Czech Death Fest / Cerveny Kostelec (CZ)
17 August-2012, Leyendas Del Rock / Murcia (SP)
18-19 August, Motocultor Fest / Bretagne (FR)
June 13th 2011 was the worldwide's official release of NOCTEM's new album "Oblivion" through Rising Records and on the october 25th 2011 Metal Blade released it for the North American territory.
"Oblivion" has been produced by Daniel Cardoso and recorded in the Ultrasound Studios II from Setubal (Portugal) and can be ordered on the following websites:
Find NOCTEM at:
UNDEAD PANDEMIC reveal title and details for upcoming album
UK based Blackened Death Goregrind project UNDEAD PANDEMIC reveal the title of its upcoming release. UNDEAD PANDEMIC's second full-length album will be titled "Nunslut" and promises to be even more extreme and offensive than its predecesor, "The rising"!
Ben Murphy, the mastermind behind UNDEAD PANDEMIC, had to say: "I'm a few tracks into my second full length album (brutality has increased somewhat and will be a total goregrind massacre) - the artwork hasn't been completed yet but I can reveal the title - it's going to be called 'Nunslut'. Full of Blasphemy, brutality, hatred and lot of defiled nuns. Tracks written and recorded so far are as follows: Hellfuck, Home surgery face transplant, Hellfuck Part 2, Thirty thousand fisted nuns and the human centipede (Surgery perversion). I'm well into a few other tracks but there's still a lot to be done."
Digital promo copies of NOCTEM's "Oblivion" (Rising Records / Metal Blade Records 2012) and UNDEAD PANDEMIC's "The rising" (2012) available by request.
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