PERISHING HUMANITY released debut album on Metal Scrap Records...

19.03.2012 - was released debut official full-length album "The monument of human lies and hypocrisy" by Death Metal / Deathcore band from Ukraine PERISHING HUMANITY.
Newest band’ release came out by efforts of Metal Scrap Records (Ukraine).
Distribution will be held by Code 7 / Plastic Head Distribution (UK/World)
07.05.2012, Twilight-Vertrieb GbR (Europe/Japan/USA)
11.05.2012, Metal Scrap Records, 2012 (MSR035/CD)
01. Gate 248
02. Interminable
03. Overcome myself
04. Bloody-Red product
05. Martyr (Feat. Max Nabokov)
06. Left to die
07. The shape of my fear
"The monument of human lies and hypocrisy" Cd 2012, Metal Scrap Records
Metal Scrap Records
PERISHING HUMANITY bio: Bloodlusttied by karmic path the energy of the destruction of young musicians and the fate redirected inferiority in the direction of creativity and creation. March 2008 was a time when Eugene Knaber and Roman R. Corax began to build new combat vehicle. Initially, the band performed under the name of WASTLAND. The first demo "Left to die" was recorded by the early line-up. To form the first stable compound the band started giving concerts constantly. In may 2009 2nd demo "Bloody-Red product" released & received many positive reviews in the underground. The time has come and in november 2009 the band had a concert in Simferopol under a new name -PERISHING HUMANITY. This gave even more speed, the internal activity of the band was at the height... But march 2010 gave the fateful event -a drummer Julius Caesar had a severe accident. Almost a year the band spent in a meditative state, recalling about them next spring. Allsubsequent time, the musicians were working on their first official mini-album. As a result, the material consisting of seven tracks called "The monument of human lies and hypocrisy" was recorded. Official debut album was released in march 2012 by efforts of Metal Scrap Records. Analyzing theconsequences, having absorbed all their fears, PERISHING HUMANITY go into a new projection of perception and are ready to openly declare themselves.

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