AZRAEL: Novedades...

Near the Scandinavian Melodic Metal genre many Spanish volumes and their albums have also fascinated me already since eternity near Brazilian. Their Sound one is often enormous fervently, and one of these Spanish volumes is AZRAEL whose album throws "Dimensio IV" i still after years regularly in the Cd player. Anyhow, the opener "Sacrificio" bangs after a short Intro so violently from the boxes which wobbles the stall and my technoliebenden neighbors whine around mercy. Sound from "Dimensio IV" is unpolished namely, rough and incredibly full of pressure -particularly the drums have an astonishing wumms, while the energielevel almost already reminds of Thrash Metal volumes like TESTAMENT. If I should put the style of AZRAEL in a drawer -how nowadays in most reviews is usual-, the designation would be a power Metal to this sound probably in the next.
And power possesses this loud disc in the most true sense of the word! after speedigen, hard "Sacrificio", "Nada que temer" also allows to puff away at the boxes. Not later than now the cool refrains also strike which one can do very well mitgröhlen - all the same whether the Spanish knowledge is sufficient or just not. Nevertheless, is same to shit! Then with "Mujer de hielo" comes the first still very progressively active track at first which needs several runs, since he catches fire, finally, nevertheless, still enormously. The bulky in this piece are, first of all, the Keyboardsounds of Miguel Hernandez which hold, certainly, an important element with AZRAEL, but just not in the melodic-symphonic sense like with a lot of other volumes. Also carries away the original voice of Manuel Moral which I could compare to no other microswing. To the outstanding songs count anyway still the fast "Incierta realidad" and the progressive bouncer "En la otra dimension" which develops itself, finally, into the strongest Track of the album. Anyhow, AZRAEL play a grand mixture from SYMPHONY X, TESTAMENT, CENTINELA and SHADOWS OF STEEL which I like very well. If I can really recommend to each which stands on exotic power discs from Spain. I tus anyway!! In points: 9/10 If to you "Dimension IV" likes, if you could also have with the following discs yours: SYMPHONY X "Odyssey the", TESTAMENT "Formation the of dammnation", CENTINELA "Sangre eterna" and SHADOWS OF STEEL "Twilight".

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