Metal Scrap Records released its first split Cd...

May 13 - first split release in the history of Metal Scrap Records!
REGICIDE DECEASE (Pl) / CALCINED (Swi) - "Death illumination - In memory of evil Chuck" /Split-Cd/
Old School Death Metal from Poland meets Brutal Death Metal from Swiss.
This split-release is dedicated to memory of Chuck Schuldiner and released in date of his 45th birthday.
Metal Scrap Records, 2012 (MSR040/Cd)
Release date: Ukraine: 13.05.2012; World: 02.07.2012
01.REGICIDE DECEASE - Aethyr of desecration
02.REGICIDE DECEASE - Revelation of dark gnosis
03.REGICIDE DECEASE - Black sun psalm
04.REGICIDE DECEASE - Born dead (DEATH cover)
05.CALCINED - Stripped by life
06.CALCINED - The call
07.CALCINED - For the beyond
08.CALCINED - Evil dead (DEATH cover)
Metal Scrap Records
Polish Death Metal band was created in Lublin at 2009 by Jakub Hajduk (guit.), Maciej Slowik (bass) and Sylwester Rakwal (drums) as REGICIDE. After rhythm guitarist leave a band they decide to transform a name to REGICIDE DECEASE and go in the different, heavier and more technical way with influences from DEATH, SLAYER and OBITUARY. All next year band works on material for debut album. October 2009 starts in collaboration with Zbigniew Zaranek, leader of Polish Oldschool Thrash Metal bands Test Fobii and Kreon. Cover song "Krol nie zyje" ("King is dead") was recorded. New vocalist Xaos Oblivion joins the band. In august 2010 REGICIDE DECEASE came in studio to start record their new stuff. Debut full-length album "Anatomy of sickness" was released by Psycho Records in 2011. In the end of the same year band recorded new stuff for Ep in memory of Chuck Schuldiner. Split-Cd tribute with Swiss band CALCINED called "Death illumination - In memory of evil Chuck" was released on Metal Scrap Records in May, 13, at Chuck's 45 anniversary of the birth. 
"Anatomy of sickness" Cd 2011, Psycho Records
"Death illumination - In memory of evil Chuck" Split-Cd 2012, Metal Scrap Records
Swiss band CALCINED was formed in the middle of the 2008 when Piffeux (Bass), Lionel (Drums) and Lulu (Guitar) joined their forces. Devoted and passionate by the extreme Metal scene, they led their Path near the vast plains of an Old School Death Metal, keeping in mind and in heart the vibrations of the current scene. During the month of june 2009, with the participation of Steph (session member, voice), they recorded their very first three tracks effort which is called "4th degree burns". It allowed them to make their first gigs in Swiss city Fribourg. One year later, in 2010, new vocalist Magnus joined the band. CALCINED finished the recording of a new Ep "Thwarted" with Christoph Noth (FireAnd Music) during the winter '2010. After a lot of gigs with some stunning bands like INVERACITY (Gr), CARNAL DECAY (Ch), PIGHEAD (D), band's line-up become more rabid and solid with Jeje joined on guitar (March 2012). In order to celebrate the memory of Chuck Schuldiner, ten years after his sorrowful death, during the Winter 2011 band recorded new Ep that was released as Split-Cd with REGICIDE DECEASE (Pl) called "Death illumination - In memory of evil Chuck" and was released by Metal Scrap Records in may, 13, at Chuck's 45 anniversary of the birth.
"4th degree burns" Demo-Cd 2009, Self-released
"Thwarted" Mcd 2011, Self-released
"Death illumination - In memory of evil Chuck" Split-Cd 2012, Metal Scrap Records

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