Brutal Fest 2012...

Brutal Fest 2012
Name: Brutal Fest 2012
Date and place: August 2012, 16 to 26 in Cuba
Bands: INHUMATE (France), PARISO (United Kingdom), DAGGERS (Belgium), DONKEY PUNCH (France), COLEMESIS (Costa Rica), ELIZABETH (Switzerland), SHE'S STILL DEAD (USA), COMBAT NOISE  (Cuba), ESCAPE (Cuba), CHLOVER (Cuba), NARBELETH (Cuba), SWITCH  (Cuba), DARKNESS FALL (Cuba), TENDENCIA (Cuba), CRY OUT FOR (Cuba), MORTUORY (Cuba) and more!
Brutal Fest 2012 Tour:
.La Habana: August 16-17-18  - Maxim Rock | opening days
.Pinar del Rio: August 19 | La Sitiera
.Santa Clara: August 21 | Parque Sandino
.Camagüey: August 23 | SEPMI
.Holguin: August 24 | Mestre
.La Habana: August 26 | Maxim Rock | closing tour date
Organized by Brutal Beatdown Records with the collaboration of Agencia
Cubana de Rock, sponsored by Instituto Cubano de la Música, Ambassade
de France à Cuba, Havana Club, Cuba Autrement and Los Portales, the
long-awaited Brutal Fest is the first and most important international
Hardcore/Metal fest in Cuba.
Brutal Beatdown Records
Telf: +53 (0)5270 8437

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