STORMHUNTER "Crime and punishment" vinyl version out now!!!...

EmanesMETAL Records is proud to present the vinyl version from STORMHUNTER second album "Crime and punishment".
Prepare for the steel attack !
Once again, STORMHUNTER sharpen their blades for another Heavy Metal battle.
47 mn of fast and melodic twin guitars in the style of early HELLOWEEN or RUNNING WILD.
Not getting this album would be both,a crime and your punishment!
STORMHUNTER "Crime and punishment" (METAL028)
Lp may 2012: 500 copies, with inner sleeve and 35x50 poster. 15€ + postage.
Cd may 2011: still available. 12€ + postage.
Both Cd and Lp are available for selected trades and we've got good wholesale prices for distro/dealers/labels/metal shops.
Authentic Metal Worship.

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