HELLCRAWLER/WöLFE split 12" Lp out now...

Hello everybody!
Slovenian death'n'roll machine HELLCRAWLER and Australian blackened crust terrorists WöLFE have joined forces for a outrageous devastating action with only one aim - destroying your ear drums. If you're missing your daily dose of apocalyptic grindcore/crust/death'n'roll noise therapy, hurry up and grab yourself a split Lp "The end of humanity" limited to 200 pieces on 180g vinyl!
"The end of humanity" Tracklisting:
A1 - HELLCRAWLER - Zombie crawlers
A2 - HELLCRAWLER - Overthrown paradise
A3 - HELLCRAWLER - Green Machine (KYUSS cover)
B2 - WöLFE - IX
B3 - WöLFE - XI
B4 - WöLFE - X
Crawling from Slovenia, HELLCRAWLER is 5 piece death'n'roll, Death Metal Crust Machine which will take you on to the sonic journey through the post apocalyptic, Mad Max inspired wastelands and leave your ears begging for more. For this split LP they brought out from the sand two forgotten anthems about zombies and despair, they also throw in one borrowed track "Green machine", originally by KYUSS. Fast, raw and dirty soundtrack to human annihilation, highly recommended for all fans of crust, punk, d-beat infused death metal mixed with Mad Max and B-Horror cinematography.
Australians WöLFE will hit your ears with primitive yet progressive Blackened Grind/Crust sonic attack, backed up with some really twisted and ferocious vocal chords. Four tracks labeled just by roman numbers are full of inhumane drumming, raw guitars and sounds of despair and schizophrenia. Inject your body with the serum of chaos, total war and true underground musick!
For orders, promo inquiries and other requests please write to: deathnrollkillingmachine@gmail.com or info@hollowearthrecords.com
Thank you in advance for your time and interest.
Best regards,
Bojan Bidovc

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