Press Release: THE OBSCENE reveal details and artwork for upcoming album...

THE OBSCENE reveal details and cover artwork for upcoming album.
THE OBSCENE have revealed the cover artwork for their forthcoming album "Architects of deliverance". The band are busy finalising material for their debut full length and the band are quoted as saying "The tracks on the new album promise to be a real step up from 'The torment of sinners' in terms of production, song writing and brutality"!
Songs written so far are: Dreaming the obscure, Dawn of suffering, Of feeble minds and weakness, Spawned from ignorance, Carrion feast, Worlds ablaze, Architects of deliverance and Nex necis.
The band are set to re-enter White Wolf recording studio around June, with Ian Thompson once again given the duty of producing some nasty old school death metal.
"Architects of deliverance" will be distributed officially by Ukem Records.
The band have promised that "fans of our debut release will not be disappointed, expect a hellstorm of 'uncompromising, blasphemous blackened death metal"!!!
Digital promo copies of THE OBSCENE's "The torment of sinners" (Ep 2011 - Pest Records) for reviews / airplay still available at this location (password: pestpromo2012).
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