FUGHU presents "Human" download single "Inertia" for free until album release...

FUGHU release “Human”
The Tales & The Facts

Special guests: 
Jeff Kollman / Damian Wilson 
GEA / Dario Schmunck
"Human - The tales" & “Human - The facts” are the two next inminent works from FUGHU.
After many good reviews and awards obtained with "Absence" this "not that new" new band from Buenos Aires is prepared to shock the music business doing all that everybody think is wrong!
Two albums at the same time is the answer of this band to the today´s fast food music, poor quality mp3s and shuffle singles.
One time one place, two concepts, one album in the dark and another one thru the roller coaster.
FUGHU was immersed in the depths, diving unrestricted into the darkest and brightest traits from themselves. That search revealed... The human.
In 1999 at a school in the neighborhood of Saavedra in Buenos Aires two strangers met on an improvised stage. Playing some MEGADETH and DEEP PURPLE's tunes, they drove the varied crowd crazy. Ariel Bellizio (guitar) and Alejandro Lopez (drummer) would never been separated, even they were thrown out of school after the episode...
Ten years before that, one mother gave birth to his son Santiago Burgi while was hearing "The number of the beast" by IRON MAIDEN. He would later become a tenor; ... wearing rock under the skin.
A ten years old Marcelo Malmierca, son of an unknown jazz drummer, went mad while listening to KING CRIMSON, ELP, VAN DER GRAAF and ASTOR PIAZZOLLA and lost his mind years later making his own synthesizers hoping to reproduce the sounds that they left in his head.
Juan Manuel Lopez known as the argentinian with the widest knowledge about KISS, loses his composure when listening to "Sheer heart attack" by QUEEN. He's currently studying life and work of DAVID BOWIE while playing bass.
Fate brought them together under the name FUGHU.
-The record
-The great guests!
-The downloads
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