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Los Angeles, California-based progressive metal band TRIBE has just released its newest project to finance the production of the new album, as yet untitled, via Kickstarter. The project aims to raise until next april 6 the amount of $10,000 for the group to record their first full-length album, due out in july, with the support of the fans.
Founded in 2010 by Brazilians Denner Vieira (guitarist) and Rick Pivetta (drummer) and British singer/bassist Jamie Waite, now TRIBE’d like to step it up a notch and take it to the next level. “We are familiar with the process. We know the steps to take upon funding of our project, but time estimates can vary. This is a creative work and we wanna make sure you get the best album we can possibly produce”, says vocalist and bass player Jamie Waite. “We decided for the crowd-funding option via Kickstarter over the traditional record label deal because we love what we do, and we want to be involved every step of the way.”
The new album will be signed by music producer Erik Reichers (BONO, SNOOP  DOGG, JAMES BROWN), from the Echobar Recording Studios in North Hollywood. Wachanos Films team will shoot the whole recording process in the studio.
To collaborate you’ll need a free account on Kickstarter. Sign up, select the donation amount you’d like to contribute, and “be a very important part in the making of our first album, by donating, you’re not only helping us out but also claiming your own part of TRIBE history”, says guitar player Denner Vieira. The money raised will cover studio time, mixing, mastering, merch, Cd and vinyl productions, among plenty of other expenses involved with this album. Any money raised above the goal will be put towards things like touring, promotion, gear, and music videos.
Kickstarter is a fundraising tool that benefits everyone involved. Your donation ($1 minimum) to the project will help them produce the album, which you’ll receive in some form when it’s done. Every pledge over $5 earns you rewards that TRIBE will deliver once they’ve finished the Cd’s. When you pledge money to Kickstarter, you’re actually not paying anything upfront. Your dollar amount is added to the total amount pledged to TRIBE campaign. If they reach their goal amount by the end of the campaign (April 6, 2013), then you’ll be billed and the band will receive your money. If TRIBE doesn’t reach its goal, then the band gets nothing! All pledges are related at TRIBE profile on Kickstarter, including a promo video.
On the road since 2010, TRIBE recently released the digital Ep “Through the veil”. It was also the beginning of collaboration with Erik Reichers at the Echobar Recording Studios, and the guys from Wachanos Films.
“After the release of "Through the veil" Ep as well as the music video for the single "Stitches", we’ve been receiving great feedback and support from our growing fanbase. This Ep was a result of hard work and determination to create an independent record that would translate our feelings and experiences into music, and hopefully, it would connect with like-minded listeners across the globe”, explains drummer Rick Pivetta.
The group’s debut album is available exclusively for free download at
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